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Re: OpenSSL. Libraries 0 replies General
Re: [PATCH 2 of 2 STABLE] setup: forcibly include cext/pure packages in py2exe (issue5625) 0 replies Development
Re: [PATCH 2 of 2 STABLE] setup: forcibly include cext/pure packages in py2exe (issue5625) 2 replies Development
[PATCH [STABLE]] wix: update list of necessary pyd files 1 reply Development
[PATCH STABLE] wix: only one KeyPath is allowed per Component 1 reply Development
Re: Hg 4.0 - Windows python 2.7 source installers missing 0 replies General
Re: cannot import name _unicode! 2 replies General
[PATCH STABLE] wix: style-coal.css has been renamed 1 reply Development
Re: Appeal to respect the development history and time tracking 6 replies General
[PATCH] wix: move and all *.pyd into a lib/ folder 1 reply Development
[PATCH] wix: add new json templates folder to MSI installers 1 reply Development
[ANN] TortoiseHg 3.4 - important note about svn integration 0 replies General
Re: State of Hg-SVN vs Git-SVN 1 reply General
Re: Proposal: discourage packagers from enabling merge-tool configs 0 replies Development
Re: windows mercurial 3.3 not downloadable 6 replies General
[ANN] Windows package news 0 replies General
Re: New stuff: hg files 1 reply Development
[PATCH] wix: contrib/sample.hgrc is no more 1 reply Development
Re: [PATCH] parsers: fix typing and sign issues 0 replies Development
Re: [PATCH STABLE] ignore python folder included within hackable hg packages 0 replies Development
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