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[PATCH] tests: un-nest the `order` repo in test-rebase-scenario-global 0 replies Development
[PATCH] osx: install bash and zsh completions by default 0 replies Development
[PATCH] internals: add some brief documentation about censor 0 replies Development
Re: [PATCH 2 of 2] chg: deduplicate error handling of ui.system() 0 replies Development
Re: [PATCH 1 of 9 pager v2] pager: move pager-initiating code into core 2 replies Development
Re: abort: error: EOF occurred in violation of protocol (_ssl.c:590) 0 replies General
Re: [PATCH 2 of 2 RESEND] serve: mark --stdio and --cmdserver as "(ADVANCED)" flags 0 replies Development
Re: [PATCH 2 of 2] pager: do not try to run an empty pager command 0 replies Development
Re: [PATCH] journal: enable pager 0 replies Development
Re: [PATCH] histedit: improve documentation and behaviour of dates (issue4820) 1 reply Development
[PATCH 2 of 2 pager-endgame] pager: add a config knob to just globally turn off the pager 1 reply Development
[PATCH 1 of 2 pager-endgame] pager: move most help to a new help topic and deprecate extension 3 replies Development
[PATCH 2 of 2 pager-dispatch-tweaks] dispatch: rearrange 'unknown command' code to better employ pager 1 reply Development
[PATCH 1 of 2 pager-dispatch-tweaks] help: move rst formatting of help documents into help.py 3 replies Development
[PATCH 2 of 2 pager-tweaks] outgoing: avoid running pager until we're actually showing changes 0 replies Development
[PATCH 1 of 2 pager-tweaks] incoming: delay pager activation until right before printing changes 2 replies Development
Re: [PATCH 5 of 5] localrepo: check HG_PENDING strictly 1 reply Development
Re: [PATCH] repoview: separate cache hash computation from cache reading 0 replies Development
Re: [PATCH 3 of 4 V3] update: also suggest --merge when non-linear update is aborted 3 replies Development
Re: [PATCH 09 of 19 pager] help: enable pager 1 reply Development
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