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hg histedit leaves strange state

Ernie Rael-2
This msg is to

  * alert about potential issue/bug
  * confirm my fix/cleanup

histedit left a small mess, see console output below. I can vaguely
understand the error message. I got rid of a file (.png) then tried to
move that changeset earlier in the history.

I did "hg strip" for the dangling fold-temp-revision. Was this a
good/reasonable way to fix things up?

Should the temp file have been there at all after the abort?


=== console output ===

$ hg ci -m 'tweak demo comments'

$ hg histedit
doc/mediawiki/home.wiki: untracked file differs
abort: untracked files in working directory differ from files in
requested revision

$ hg st

$ hg histedit
abort: history edit already in progress, try --continue or --abort

$ hg histedit --abort

$ hg histedit

$ hg st

$ hg sum
parent: 219:108000ed0b60 tip
  fold-temp-revision e6795600057f
branch: default
commit: (clean)
update: 8 new changesets, 2 branch heads (merge)
phases: 10 draft

$ hg glog -l12 -Trevsum
@  219:108000ed0b60 draft fold-temp-revision e6795600057f
| o  218:13f08f9af9c1 draft tweak demo comments
| |
| o  217:e6795600057f draft website is a front page for the to-html
wiki. Script cleanup.
| |
| o  210:feb780027c65 draft Add scm, issue, url tags to pom. Adjust pom
| |
| o  209:fd278aeab3ce draft add module simple-val-fix so can use
released sim-val
| |
| o  208:fd1d0e824de2 draft Set up assembly for library. All proj jdk1.8
| |
| o  207:b3354b218367 draft logman netbeans: pom work, move resources,
netbeans seems to work
| |
| o  206:03df9e7b7a69 draft work on logman-demo and logman-netbeans.
| |
| o  205:f3e2278a5d23 draft logman-core: Make level combo box have up to
10 items displayed.
o  204:92c8b8ca6266 draft Wiki additions; cleaner html output.
o  168:1ebd2add25cc public cleanup/simplify wiki to html

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