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corruption megasync

Uwe Brauer

This is just a warning I continued to use megasync on my repos and this
is what hg verify tells me

1440 files, 588 changesets, 2114 total revisions
3 warnings encountered!
hint: run "hg debugrebuildfncache" to recover from corrupt fncache
34 integrity errors encountered!
(first damaged changeset appears to be 222)
=> all_dirs: Executing verify in /home/oub/ALLES/tex/vorlesungen/HG/hgquim-num-estad
checking changesets
checking manifests
crosschecking files in changesets and manifests
checking files
 warning: revlog 'data/.hgignore.i' not in fncache!
 178: empty or missing .hgignore
 .hgignore@178: manifest refers to unknown revision f12aa8c2f839
 .hgignore@185: manifest refers to unknown revision 966ad4e58c17

And much much more

So I would like to warn everyone not to use, at least not for now
megasync on mercurial repos.

Uwe Brauer

Fortunately I have backups

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