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a case conflict case in dropbox

Uwe Brauer


I know you are going to tell me:

We told you: don't use dropbox

I am currently facing the following issue

Hg status gives

! Mini-Examen-Quim/13-14/Mini-I/Stat/notasb.ggb
! Mini-Examen-Quim/13-14/Result-Final/Calificaciones_EstadisticaCalcNumerico13-14.csv
! Mini-Examen-Quim/17-18/Mini-I/Addons/Stat/16-17/notasb.ggb
? Mini-Examen-Quim/13-14/Mini-I/Stat/notasb (Case Conflict).ggb
? Mini-Examen-Quim/13-14/Result-Final/Calificaciones_EstadisticaCalcNumerico13-14 (Case Conflict).csv
? Mini-Examen-Quim/17-18/Mini-I/Addons/Stat/16-17/notasb (Case Conflict).ggb

And I don't know how to get rid of these files other than deleting them


Uwe Brauer

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