Developing mercurial by patching tortoisehg

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Developing mercurial by patching tortoisehg

Bastian Wassermann

Hi everyone


I am using mercurial and tortoisehg for a long time right now, I am very satisfied with everything and I want to start to give back something (i.e. new revset functions). We are using a really overhanging branching strategy, for that reason we need more revset filters. What I need right now is a filter for filtering for the first tagged changeset in every different branch, related to min() or limit() but with an additional argument for field. I think that would be a revset function interesting for other. I have experience in developing python, so there is a hope to get something usable for others.


My actual question, because I am a typically lazy developer and I don’t want to install much on my windows developer laptop. Beside of that I have real problems to clone the mercurial developer repository with my companies proxy settings and it is really exhausting to get changes to that proxy settings. Is there a way to “patch” my installed tortoisehg version with the python file I want to adopt? In my example I want to place a source copy (with the right revision) beside or in a special location in tortoisehg and want to change something in mercurial to use that “patched” file instead of the original.


I am looking forward to develop that function.



Best regards

Bastian Wassermann

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